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Bhagavad Gita in Eliya Tamil

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Bhagavad Gita in Eliya Tamil - A book Every Human should Read (Tamil Version) This Book explains Bhagavad Gita the Sacred Text given by Supreme God as Summary in Tamil. The Human Arjuna had lot of Questions to Supreme God Krishna and he got the answers from God. Most of the time to understand those complex words, we see people giving explanations and interpretation with someone's life. We also are very comfortable to listen them and read them, but the moment we are in our normal life, we forget everything. This book is written for you Considering a common man life like yours On how to live as per the Supreme God's wordings What it offers to you: > All the 18 Chapters of Gita in Plain Tamil > Interpretations with our Common life examples > You have funny and logical questions to god; it's there inside this book > Guides you to self evaluate, are you ready for it? > How far you are from your God? Check here Recommended: > For the one, who wants to practice and experience Bhagavad Gita in Life > For the one, who wants to understand Gita in its real essence You too have these Views then Read this Book: > There can't be multiple gods in one world > If my birth is given by god, then why am i not part of God > Science is a language to explain his creations and not a mode to reach > Belief and honesty can take me to my Supreme Power >Why don't new Living beings born as per Darwin >How to see others grow in life >The Richest and Poorest all have Equanimity with happiness and sadness And So on.

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Bhagavad Gita in Eliya Tamil
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