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Brandon Flowers (The Killers) - Flamingo

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Brandon Flowers (The Killers) - Flamingo - Descriere

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Track Listing
1. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
2. Only the Young
3. Hard Enough
4. Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts
5. Playing with Fire
6. Was It Something I Said?
7. Magdalena
8. Crossfire
9. On the Floor
10. Swallow It

Number of CDs: 1
Recording Type: Studio
Recording Mode: Stereo

Album Notes
Apparently not all the Killers wanted to leave Sam s Town behind. Left to his own devices, Brandon Flowers rushes back to the faded facades, tattered dreams and overheated pomp of the Killers second album, a divisive lab exercise in splicing the DNA of Springsteen and Echo & The Bunnymen. Flowers tales of West Coast losers on a last chance power drive are pretty much the only differentia between Flamingo - with all his neon lights and turned trick cards, it s surely named after the fabulous casino and not the bird - and a Killers album. Perhaps Flamingo doesn t push its points as forcefully as it would if Flowers were backed by the Killers - its emphasis on atmosphere, as most records produced by Daniel Lanois are - but even without harder rhythms and prominent guitars this is cut from the same cloth as the band s three albums, pushing surface as substance. So florid are Flowers obsessions-not every songwriter squeezes out two song cycles out of Las Vegas-that it s always a bit of a shock to realize that he truly, deeply, madly means it all: his odes to Sin City are devoid of irony, his spectacle isn t meant to have a shred of camp, his mini-epics are intended to paint him as the Springsteen of the desert. 

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