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What causes autism? Is it a genetic disorder, or due to some unknown environmental hazard? Are we

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Autism Interventions: Exploring the Spectrum of Autism

Autism Interventions provides the most current assessment and intervention techniques, based on best

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Autism Solutions

For twenty years Dr. Ricki Robinson has been providing hope and help for children with Autism

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Autism Is...?

Logan overhears his grandma tell her friend he has autism, and he asks her, Autism is...? She

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Defeating Autism

I was taking on autism in the spiritual realm, fighting with the Sword of the Lord. Defeating Autism

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Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism

Newly revised and updated, this award-winning guide covers every aspect of understanding and living

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Autism in Translation: An Intercultural Conversation on Autism Spectrum Conditions

Autism is a complex phenomenon that is both individual and social. Showing both robust similarities

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Autism Encyclopedia: The Complete Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Serving and advocating for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) requires parents, teachers

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Autism and Tomorrow

Autism and Tomorrow is a comprehensive resource that addresses many parents' questions pertaining to

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Dogs and Autism

Author Annie Bowes grew up having dogs throughout her childhood and adulthood that helped her

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Out of Autism

At a time in history when awareness of autism is increasing in society, Cathy Dodge Smith's latest b

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Carte in limba engleza. Mai multe detalii pe forum

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The Autism Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Autism

The Autism Acceptance Book is an activity book, a conversation-starter, and an educational tool that

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Autism: Explaining the Enigma

The updated edition of this classic account of autism includes a new chapter outlining recent

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My Friend Has Autism

My friend Zack has a disability called autism. But that doesn't matter to us. We talk about

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Understanding Autism for Dummies

Autism affects more than 1 million children and adults in the United States, and parents may be

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M Is for Autism

M. That's what I'd like you to call me please. I'll tell you why later. Welcome to M's world. It's

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Autism Healed for Life

When a child is diagnosed with autism, it can come with questions, fears, and doubts. The challen

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Autism Healed for Life

When a child is diagnosed with autism, it can come with questions, fears, and doubts. The challen

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The Comprehensive Autism Planning

A leader in the social movement that achieved Trinidad and Tobago's independence from Britain in

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Some Kids Have Autism

Teach diversity and tolerance to young readers, and help them understand and appreciate those

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Autism - A Family Journey

This is a story about one family's journey with an autistic family member, Steven; as told by his

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The Official Autism 101 Manual

When you need answers to your questions about anything related to autism, including early diagnosis

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment in Schools

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment in Schools serves as a guide on how to assess childr

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The ABCs of Autism Acceptance

Sparrow Rose Jones is probably best known for their blog, Unstrange Mind: Remapping My World, and

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Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Carte in limba engleza. Mai multe detalii pe forum

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Autism and Your Church: Nurturing the Spiritual Growth of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This new edition of an indispensable handbook provides a wealth of practical tips, including a new

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Understanding the Nature of Autism: A Guide to the Autism Spectrum Disorders [With CDROM]

Appropriate for use with any age and ability level, this resource is a valuable tool for therapists

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Stop Autism Now! a Parent's Guide to Preventing and Reversing Autism Spectrum Disorders

Over 1 million people have autism. This number is rapidly growing. Over the past several years

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Autism and the Seeds of Change: Achieving Full Participation in Life Through the Davis Autism Approach

An in-depth look at a revolutionary approach to empower individuals with autism, and provide the

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Carly's Voice: Breaking Through Autism

In this international bestseller, father and advocate for Autism awareness Arthur Fleischmann blends

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My Friend with Autism [With CDROM]

This book's vivid illustrations and charming storyline will foster tolerance and understanding among

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High-Functioning Autism and Difficult Moments

Newly revised and updated, this ground-breaking technical approach to behavior delves deep into the

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Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism (TPGA) is the resource we wish we'd had when autism first became

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Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism: My Journey as a Vaccine Scientist, Pediatrician, and Autism Dad

In 1994, Peter J. Hotez's nineteen-month-old daughter, Rachel, was diagnosed with autism. Dr. Hot

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What You Need to Know about Autism

Autism is a spectrum of developmental disorders that can range from mild to severe. Individuals w

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Success Strategies for Teaching Kids with Autism

Success Strategies for Teaching Kids with Autism - Wendy Ashcroft, PhD, Sue Argiro, Joyce Keohane

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United in Autism: Finding Strength Inside the Spectrum

A diagnosis of autism can rock a family's world. The toll it takes on everyone involved can be on

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Teaching Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This guide discusses autism in a straightforward way, describes the major types of autism, and

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Ian's Walk: A Story about Autism

Julie can't wait to go to the park and feed the ducks with her big sister. Her little brother, Ian

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Temple Talks about Autism and Sensory Issues

Winner of a 2015 Academic's Choice Award, this is your pocket guide to Temple Grandin; a great

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Pivotal Response Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders

New content, new format PRT guidance from infancy to adulthood One of the m

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In a Different Key: The Story of Autism

Finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction An extraordinary narrative history of

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Sometimes Noise Is Big: Life with Autism

Sometimes noise is too big for my ears. Sometimes the light is too loud for my eyes. I have autism

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Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Second Edition

This authoritative resource, now thoroughly revised for DSM-5, has set the standard for the

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Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism

When anthropologist Richard Grinker's daughter was diagnosed with autism in 1994, it occurred in

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