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CD Claudia - Nek - DeMarco ‎– N°. 2, original, manele
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House Revenge: A Joe DeMarco Thriller

Joe DeMarco works for Congress. He's a lawyer with an office in the Capitol and the title of Counsel

93,00 Lei
House Rivals: A Joe DeMarco Thriller

As a fixer for influential congressman John Mahoney in Washington, D.C., Joe DeMarco has found

93,00 Lei
House Rules: A Joe DeMarco Thriller

In House Rules, two foiled terrorist attacks and a law targeting Muslim Americans send Joe DeMarco

56,00 Lei
House Revenge: A Joe DeMarco Thriller

In House Revenge, Congressional fixer Joe DeMarco is dispatched to his boss Congressman John Mahoney

133,00 Lei
The DeMarco Factor: Transforming Public Will Into Political Power

Vinny DeMarco might be a latter-day Don Quixote except that he tilts his lance at real obstacles to

321,00 Lei
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