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Tocharian and Indo-European Studies 17

Tocharian and Indo-European Studies is the central publication for the study of two closely related

387,00 Lei
Dictionary of Indo-European Concepts and Society

Since its publication in 1969, Emile Benveniste's Vocabulaire--here in a new translation as the

321,00 Lei
The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots

The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots traces over 13,000 words, representing

119,00 Lei
A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Spanish Language with Families of Words Based on Indo-European Roots: Volume I (A-G)

This text covers every important aspect in bridge to make good bridge players into excellent defende

174,00 Lei
Indo-European Linguistics

This Textbook on Indo-European Linguistics is designed as an introduction to the field. It presents

282,00 Lei
Indo-European Societies and Zoroastrianism

A history and analysis of Zoroastrian religion with exploration of its Indo-European origins and its

126,00 Lei
How to Kill a Dragon: Aspects of Indo-European Poetics

In How to Kill a Dragon Calvert Watkins follows the continuum of poetic formulae in Indo-European

377,00 Lei
Indo-European and Its Closest Relatives: The Eurasiatic Language Family, Volume 2, Lexicon

The basic thesis of this two-volume work (Volume I. Grammar was published in 2000) is that the well

427,00 Lei
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