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The Voltron Coalition Handbook: Official Guidebook of Voltron Legendary Defender

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56,00 Lei
The Rise of Voltron

Discover the origin of Voltron, the universe's greatest defender, in this collectable chapter book

57,00 Lei
Voltron: Legendary Defender, Volume 1

This trade collects the first comic book chapter of the epic series airing on Netflix. From days of

88,00 Lei
Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 2: Pilgrimage

When the Voltron Paladins respond to a distress call, they discover a group of alien settlers on a

88,00 Lei
Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 3: Absolution

The five Paladins of Voltron are back and ready to continue their mission to defeat the Galra and br

88,00 Lei
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