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wall street

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King of Wall Street


94,00 Lei
Wall Street and FDR

Franklin D. Roosevelt is frequently described as one of the greatest presidents in American history

114,00 Lei
Why Wall Street Matters

A timely, counterintuitive defense of Wall Street and the big banks as the invisible--albeit

126,00 Lei
45 Years in Wall Street

Many have written requesting me to write a new book. With the desire to help others I have written

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the wolf of wall street - dvd
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The Wolf of Wall Street

Now a major motion picture directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio NEW YORK TIMES

96,00 Lei
The Widow of Wall Street

The seemingly blind love of a wife for her husband as he conquers Wall Street, and her

88,00 Lei
The Mouse on Wall Street

Gloriana XII-The Original Wolf of Wall Street. Grand Fenwick is at it again, this time upsetting the

73,00 Lei
The Wolf of Wall Street

Now a major motion picture directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio NEW YORK TIMES

96,00 Lei
The Wolf of Wall Street

Now a major motion picture directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio NEW YORK TIMES

96,00 Lei
Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt

Guaranteed to make blood boil. --Janet Maslin, New York TimesIn Michael Lewis's game-changing

92,00 Lei
Martin Zweig Winning on Wall Street

Arthur Zweig is the publisher of the influential, trend-spotting Zweig Forecast. Now in this new

106,00 Lei
Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt

Flash Boys is about a small group of Wall Street guys who figure out that the U.S. stock market has

139,00 Lei
Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street

Financial collapses--whether of the junk bond market, the Internet bubble, or the highly leveraged

148,00 Lei
The Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Omnibus

Inside this gilt-edged puzzle offering from the Wall Street Journal are 250 Sunday-size crosswords

79,00 Lei
Fredric Jameson and the Wolf of Wall Street

The Film Theory in Practice series fills a gaping hole in the world of film theory. By marrying the

155,00 Lei
Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street

Carte in limba engleza. Mai multe detalii pe forum

36,00 Lei
Trader Vic--Methods of a Wall Street Master

Trader Vic -- Methods of a Wall Street Master Investment strategies from the man Barron's calls The

169,00 Lei
Wall Street and the Russian Revolution: 1905-1925

Wall Street and the Russian Revolution will give readers critical insight into what might be called

105,00 Lei
Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle

They Hit The Street. Forget what you've read, forget what you've heard, forget what you've been

92,00 Lei
Making Markets: Opportunism and Restraint on Wall Street

In the wake of million-dollar scandals brought about by Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, and their like

227,00 Lei
Makers and Takers: How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street

Is Wall Street bad for Main Street America? In looking at the forces that brought our current

104,00 Lei
The Wall Street Journal. Complete Real-Estate Investing Guidebook

The conservative, thoughtful, thrifty investor's guide to building a real-estate empire. Profitable

88,00 Lei
Bernard Baruch: The Adventures of a Wall Street Legend

Spaces of holomorphic functions have been a prominent theme in analysis since early in the twentieth

83,00 Lei
Holocaust in the Homeland: Black Wall Street's Last Days

Soon to be in movie theaters, Holocaust in the Homeland tells the story of one of the darkest days

89,00 Lei
Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story

On March 14, 2012, more than three million people read Greg Smith's bombshell Op-Ed in the New York

124,00 Lei
Harriman vs. Hill: Wall Street's Great Railroad War

In 1901, the Northern Pacific was an unlikely prize: a twice-bankrupt construction of the federal

148,00 Lei
The Practical Guide to Wall Street: Equities and Derivatives

The Practical Guide to Wall Street is an indispensable resource for anyone who aspires to a

370,00 Lei
Wall Street Lingo: Thousands of Investment Terms Explained Simply

Finally, a finance dictionary compiled with the individual investor in mind. Wall Street Lingo does

119,00 Lei
Private Equity at Work: When Wall Street Manages Main Street

Private equity firms have long been at the center of public debates on the impact of the financial

309,00 Lei
Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's Champion Trader

Welcome to the world of Martin Buzzy Schwartz, Champion Trader--the man whose nerves of steel and

96,00 Lei
Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street

It was wonderful to be young and working on Wall Street in the 1980s: never before had so many

130,00 Lei
Noncompliant: A Lone Whistleblower Exposes the Giants of Wall Street

Carte in limba engleza. Mai multe detalii pe forum

139,00 Lei
In an Uncertain World: Tough Choices from Wall Street to Washington

Robert Rubin was sworn in as the seventieth U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in January 1995 in a

96,00 Lei
Heard on the Street: Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews

THIS IS A MUST READ It is the first and the original book of quantitative questions from finance job

231,00 Lei
Eat What You Kill: The Fall of a Wall Street Lawyer

A wonderful character study of someone whose cognitive dissonance ('I am brilliant, therefore I must

219,00 Lei
Broken Bargain: Bankers, Bailouts, and the Struggle to Tame Wall Street

A history of major financial crises--and how taxpayers have been left with the bill​

169,00 Lei
Where Are the Customers' Yachts?: Or a Good Hard Look at Wall Street

Once I picked it up I did not put it down until I finished. . . . What Schwed has done is capture

113,00 Lei
Pitch the Perfect Investment: The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street

Learn the overlooked skill that is essential to Wall Street success Pitch the Perfect Investment

234,00 Lei
Anatomy of the Bear: Lessons from Wall Street's Four Great Bottoms

How does one spot the bottom of a bear market? What brings a bear to its end? There are few more

229,00 Lei
High Finance: The Secrets Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know

Your 20 million dollars is already in the bank, it's just in someone else's bank right now I wrote

110,00 Lei
Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century

This is a book about power and about an extraordinarily wealthy elite that has wielded unprecedented

126,00 Lei
F.I.A.S.C.O.: Blood in the Water on Wall Street

Fiasco is the shocking story of one man's education in the jungles of Wall Street. As a young

110,00 Lei
The Physics of Wall Street: A Brief History of Predicting the Unpredictable

Weatherall probes an epochal shift in financial strategizing with lucidity, explaining how it

88,00 Lei
Target: China: How Washington and Wall Street Plan to Cage the Asian Dragon

China today has become a world economic giant in just three decades. The country's central bank

162,00 Lei
Trading Bases: How a Wall Street Trader Made a Fortune Betting on Baseball

An ex-Wall Street trader improved on Moneyball's famed sabermetrics and beat the Vegas odds with his

92,00 Lei
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