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Ethnic Vegetarian

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150 deliciously diverse, culturally based recipes and the history and lore behind them.When enjoying a steamy serving of greens laces with peppers or a bowl of spicy gumbo, many people are unaware of the African origins of their meal...The Ethnic Vegetarian was created to preserve and showcase the vegetarian culture of my ancestors. So writes Angela Shelf Medearis in her introduction to this fabulous new cookbook.The Ethnic Vegetarian opens with three chapters explaining how to adopt an ethnic vegetarian lifestyle, ideas for creating an ethnic vegetarian-friendly kitchen, and basic techniques for cooking in this manner. Next come the wonderfully inventive recipes - from Moroccan Zucchinin Pancakes and Senegalese Tofu to an eggplant-based Congo Moambe - all organized by ethnic cuisine: African, Afro-Caribbean, Native American, Creole, Slavery and Southern, and ModernMore than just recipes, the book also weaves traditions and lore surrounding African-American cookery with the author's own personal memories, experiences, and family history. Her warm and inviting style beckons readers of any ethnic background to explore the homespun authenticity of her recipes and tales to conclude, with her, that African-inspired vegetarian dishes are as much a part of the American culinary table as apple pie.

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Ethnic Vegetarian
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