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Carti in engleza James Joyce

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James Joyce: A Life

Joyce fans should thank their lucky stars. -The New York Times Arguably the most influential writer

79,00 Lei
A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake: Unlocking James Joyce's Masterwork

In this edition of Campbell & Robinson's seminal decoding of Joyce's masterpiece, the authors

113,00 Lei
A Reader's Guide to James Joyce

This text is designed to help readers to approach the difficult writings of James Joyce. Years of

105,00 Lei
James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination

As Gillespie combines national, geographical, and historical contexts with close readings of Joyce s

556,00 Lei
The Portable James Joyce

The Portable James Joyce, edited and with an introduction by Harry Levin, includes four of the six

105,00 Lei
James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner--A Graphic Biography

A dazzling, prize-winning graphic biography of one of the world's most revered writers. Winner of

118,00 Lei
Memory Ireland, Volume 4: James Joyce and Cultural Memory

In the fourth and final volume of the Memory Ireland series, Frawley and O Callaghan explore the

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My Brother's Keeper: James Joyce's Early Years

Stanislaus Joyce was more than his brother's keeper: he was at various times his brother's

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James Joyce's Teaching Life and Methods: Language and Pedagogy in a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake

Before Joyce became famous as writer, he supported himself through his other language work:

597,00 Lei
Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes.: A Celebration of James Joyce, Ulysses, and 100 Years of Bloomsday

On the fictional morning of June 16, 1904--Bloomsday, as it has come to be known--Mr. Leopold Bloom

89,00 Lei
James Joyce's Ulysses: A Casebook

James Joyce's Ulysses is probably the most famous-or notorious-novel published in the twentieth

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