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Pet Pigs. Keeping Pigs as Pets. Pig Book for Care, Training, Health, Grooming, Costs and Feeding.

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Pigs are very often misunderstood animals as a lot of people think that they are dirty, destructive, aggressive and have a bad temperament. This is not so: pigs are very loving and affectionate animals and that's why they are amazing pets but only if trained and cared for properly. Due to the recent popularity in keeping pigs as pets, many people are considering getting a pet pig. Pigs are very similar to dogs. In fact, their intelligence is higher than that of a dog. Pigs have a number of attractive qualities that make it very appealing to have as a pet. They are extremely intelligent, active, playful, loving and curious. These food lovers adapt to house rules in no time as they are easy to train. Pigs have peculiar exercising requirements that need to be met if you don't want any trouble in the house. It is true, pigs can be destructive and aggressive if not cared for properly. However, with proper training, care and attention, these cuties can be very good, kind and adorable pets. They will love you and protect you once they consider you their guardian. This book is packed with everything related to pigs, it is a complete guide for people that have misconceptions about pigs and for those who want to keep pigs as pets. I hope you have as much fun with your pigs as I have with mine Covered in this book: The best breed of pigs to have. Temperament of a pig Pros and Cons of having a pig as pet. How to take care of a pig. How to train your pig. The medical concerns related to the pig. The pig's common behavior. The pig's grooming needs. House-proofing for the pig. Financial aspects ... and much more

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Pet Pigs. Keeping Pigs as Pets. Pig Book for Care, Training, Health, Grooming, Costs and Feeding.
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