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aparat sportiv forta fitness culturism profesional german functional

Aproape Nou, Fara garanție
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Bucuresti - Predare personală;
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Miercuri, 20 Oct.
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Stare produs: Aproape Nou

Garanție: Fără garanție


-aparat fitness sport culturism Powerman 3 german; este functional

-aparatul are, mai multe trepte de reglare a puterii; si poate fi utilizat si de barbati dar si de catre femei.

-aparatul are si semnalizare sonora, care functioneza atunci cand se atinge treapta de putere setata de catre utilizator in functie de intensitatea efortului dorit.

-Reglare treptei de putere se face prin mutarea unei piese ca un stecher in pozitia dorita de utilizator.

-Aparatul poate fi utilizat practic pentru intreaga gama de muschi ai corpului uman

Nu licitati aiurea inainte sa cititi cu atentie; va dau direct negativ.
-Predarea se face doar si numai in Drumul Taberei, in zona Hanul Drumetului statia Drumetul toata saptamana; sambata si duminica predarea se face doar dupa ora 14 si numai in drumul taberei zona hanul drumetului; dar si la podul Cotroceni insa numai in cursul saptamanii; adica la pod doar de luni pana vineri. Trimit colete doar si numai cu plata in avans, nu mai risc pe banii mei ca sa-mi vina coletele inapoi neridicate


The Massager has now been adapted for home use. You don't have to be a professional user to gain the benefits of the Duo Massager.

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For years therapists and masseurs have associated the name with genuine help and convenience in their daily work.

Practical experience has shown the vibration massage as offered by the Biocomfort Duo primarily for preparatory massage and follow up treatment to be especially effective with most of the patients problems. Proven technology as a welcome help and convenience for the professional user.

A Professional Massage Unit

The BioComfort Duo has been designed to contour to the shape of the body, for precise control, whether operated with one or both hands. It has a conveniently located two speed operating switch to ensure that massage is maintained even when altering the intensity. The - Developed by experts, Designed for professionals.

Powerful Energy Source

The robust and powerful motor provides a circular movement for an effective vibration massage with flexible movement control. The Duo's two speeds provides the operator with a means of treating a wide range of problems; to improve rheumatic disorders, spinal and sciatica disorders, circulation problems, spasms or for the treatment of certain internal organs.

Easy Handling with Optimal Deep Penetration Effect

The Duo's vibrations penetrate in proportion to the pressure applied. The unit's 2.5kg weight has the advantage of applying pressure without over taxing the operator, whilst ensuring precise handling and easy use.

The Concave Massage Soleplate

In order to massage the entire body, even curved areas, the Duo is equipped with a concave base plate. For the selective treatment of small, well defined areas of the body, such as the reflex zones, the narrow edge of the unit and the point can be used to great effect, especially for Sciatica.





1.              Will increase your income greatly

2.              Reliable handling and easy movement

3.              Applies pressure but saves strength

4.              Optimum for preparatory massage and follow up treatment

5.              Greater patient compliance

6.              Releases sciatic nerve pain and lumbago

7.              Breaks down scar tissue

8.              Relieves pain and muscle soreness

9.              Excellent for Arthritic conditions

10.              Relieves pressure on intervertebral discs

11.              Stimulates blood circulation in muscles, veins and capillaries

12.              Acts as Lymph Drainage

13.              Treats muscle cramps

14.              Rheumatic complaints of every kind

15.              Muscular Rheumatism, Rheumatic fever

16.              Relieves symptoms of Bronchial Asthma and Emphysema

17.              Scapulahumeral periarthritis (e.g. Myalgia)

18.              Bronchial Neuralgia (Intercostal Neuralgia)

19.              Diseases of the Spinal Column

Osteochondrosis, Cervical Syndromes

20.              Spondylarthrosis, Ischialgia

The MASSATOR ideally complies with these guidelines:

1.              Of portable design, it is perfectly balanced in vibratory performance and weight. For massaging large areas it can be easily advanced on any part of the body.

2.              Without any additional pressure, the machine generates deeply penetrating vibrations and simultaneously oscillates horizontally. In this way, the manipulated surface is also shifted tangentially to stimulate the functions of the skin and subcutaneous cell tissue.

Excellent for breaking down scar tissue. It is the only unit of its type in the world that can break down scar tissue.

3.              Two speeds are available for closer matching of vibration rate to the remedial work at hand:

Slow - penetrating action, for instance to achieve in-depth relaxation

Fast - preferred for reflexive treatment of a localised area to improve blood circulation, Sciatica, disc, muscle and joint pain.

4.              Of solid construction, the machine is tough enough to stand up to continuous hard duty, yet allows sensitive, finely controlled handling by the two grips provided.

5.              Several functional attachments open up more specialised fields beyond the general application. There is nothing like this in the world today

I would like to stress here in particular the rubber TAPOTEUR available for the MASSATOR which expands its range well beyond the muscle massage therapy.

At present, highly promising experiments, in collaboration with a specialist in internal medicine, are under way, using the MASSATOR-DUO with TAPOTEUR fitted to:

- assist deep breathing exercises and stimulate poorly functioning or pathologically enlarged lung sections (i.e. atelectasis or bronchial aneurysm).

- revitalise sluggish peristaltic action of large intestine in case of chronic constipation.

Increased remedial effects can be obtained on smaller body surfaces(joints, small of back, lower vertebrae, shoulder region or ball and toes of foot), when using the MASSATOR in conjunction with the TAPOTEUR.

Based on these facts, I can recommend the MASSATOR as a most efficient and functional power appliance for all trainer masseurs. I know that a number of well known colleagues in the medical and physical therapy field share this positive opinion derived from practical experience.


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In Bucuresti

  • - Predare personala - Nu licitati aiurea inainte sa cititi cu atentie; va dau direct negativ. -Predarea se face doar si numai in Drumul Taberei, in zona Hanul Drumetului st in max. 1 zi lucratoare


  • - La predare

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  • - Produsul nu se poate returna.
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aparat sportiv forta fitness culturism profesional german functional


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