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Smartwatch ceas pentru femei H8, pulsometer tensiune arteriala argint

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H8 smart tape for everyone

Being fit is in vogue, and   the H8 smartwatch   is a very good choice.

Buying a   smartwatch   is an excellent opportunity to introduce embedded technologies into your life, which are gaining popularity every year.

These smart watches, thanks to modern functions, can improve the quality of our training and change the communication modes.

The superb design will fit perfectly with many evening creations and, at the same time, will count the distance traveled, calories burned and other important aspects of your health.

Thanks to the special software, they harmonize perfectly with smartphones, increasing their capabilities.

It is strange that you do not have to pay huge amounts of money for this. Of course, everything depends on the level of sophistication and the type of destination, but we can buy a   good smartwatch , with rich intelligent functions, at a really reasonable price.

This is the   Smartband H8  .

Finally, a SMARTWATCH watch designed for ladies.  Great Draws and a wide range of colors of the watch will probably find applications in the Women's group.

  • 8 training modes to choose from
  • Sleep Monitor
  • pedometer
  • Blood pressure meter
  • Heart rate meter
  • Oxygen meter in the blood
  • Calorie burn record
  • Call notifications received
  • Notifications via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

The kit includes a device that allows you to adjust the strap at the circumference of the wrist. You can loosen a few seams and you can reduce or increase the watch's bracelet.


Technical specifications

  • Dedicated smartphone application in Polish
  • Compatible with iOS version 8.0 and Android version 4.4
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • PPG Chip: GIVE 3300
  • Modern processor NRF52832
  • Waterproof class IP67
  • The IP67 rating means: You cannot dive in salt water, avoid hot baths and hot steam. Due to the high pressure, you cannot jump into the water. The IP67 standard allows water temperatures from +10 to +35 degrees Celsius.
  • 0.96 O COLOR Oled Display with high resolution of 80 * 160 pixels
  • Dynamic heart rate monitor
  • Modern battery with 120mAh lithium polymer
  • Standby time up to 10-15 days
  • Working time up to 3-5 days - forget about continuous charging
  • G Sensor
  • Touch the button
  • Metal bracelet, beautifully decorated with zirconia
  • Perfect for an elegant woman

Functions in the intelligent band:

  • Clock, date
  • vibe
  • pedometer
  • rangefinders
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Heart rate measurement
  • manometer
  • 8 sports modes:
  • functioning
  • go
  • Mountaineering / trekking
  • Traveling a bicycle
  • swimming
  • basket-ball
  • Tennis / Badminton
  • football
  • Notifications - information about connections and messages is transmitted via bluetooth
  • Phone notifications - the name of the caller in the smartphone's phonebook will appear on the screen
  • stopwatch
  • Find the phone
  • Ability to reject calls - holding down the touch button

The latest generation processor affects the speed and performance of several complex operations simultaneously, as well as synchronization with our phone, without any blockage.

  • Compatibility:   Android and iOS
  • Display:   0.96 " high quality  digital OLED  
  • Bluetooth:   energy-saving Bluetooth Chip version 4.0
  • Processor:   NRF52
  • Battery:   120 mAh
  • Working time:   4-6 days
  • Belt material:   metal
  • Heart  Rate Monitor:  Yes
  • Blood pressure:   Yes
  • Oxygenation:   Yes
  • Pedometer:   Yes
  • Blood pressure monitor:   Yes
  • Smart Sleep Monitor:   Yes

The very high resolution regarding the size of the device, affects the very beautiful image displayed on our device.

Bluetooth 4.0  , energy saving, bandwidth which is crucial in updating our clock software.

Clock dimensions:

  1. 11.50 mm
  2. 8 mm
  3. 46 mm
  4. 101 mm
  5. 46 mm
  6. 101 mm

The functions available in the smartphone application in Romanian:

  • Daily / weekly / monthly track history, calories burned, sleep duration, pulse
  • Pressure history
  • Calibration of the manometer
  • Sport mode - the route covered on the map (you must have the phone with the application and the GPS on)
  • Care function - the application can check the health of your loved ones (it is not necessary to have a smart tape to use this function)
  • User data
  • The daily purpose of the measures taken
  • The daily goal during sleep
  • Remote control of the smartphone's camera
  • Find the smart band function
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring (pulse test every 5 minutes)
  • Turn the screen backlight on / off when you raise your hand
  • Telephone notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Do not disturb the function
  • Alarm clock / alarm
  • Software updates
  • Notifications from social applications: QQ, WeChat, Linkedin, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Line
  • Reminder to take medicine
  • Reminder for the meeting
  • The memory that there is no traffic
  • Reminder to drink with water

Take care of your health. Thanks to the dedicated application  WearHealt  , you can monitor your heart rate  . In the  application you can also calibrate your heart rate monitor  .  We can measure your heart rate in real time.  You can  monitor your heart rate every 5 minutes, setting continuous heart rate monitoring in application.

Take care of the health of your loved ones. Thanks to the dedicated application, you can add your loved ones, wife, parents, grandparents or friends and monitor their health from afar.

Sports function. There are eight modes of sport at our disposal: running, walking, climbing, cycling, swimming, basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer, trekking.

Notifications. On the screen of your smart tape you can read the beginning of the message that comes to us. We will receive notification through soft and discreet vibrations, due to which you no longer have to look for your phone in the bag.

When someone calls, we will see such a telephone connection on the screen on the smart tape. We will see who is calling, provided that the number and name are entered in the smartphone's phonebook.

The function of sleep monitoring. The smart watch knows when to sleep and when to wake up, so you can check how much you slept and how often you woke up at night.

The waterproof IP67 resistance means   that it will never be awful.

Intelligent tape is IP67 water resistant, which means it can be used during everyday activities, for example, when washing your hands or on a rainy day, without fear that water will get inside, while you can't dip it. in salt water, avoid hot baths and hot steam. The IP67 waterproof standard allows a water temperature of +10 to 35 degrees Celsius.

The smart band is not suitable for swimming. IP67 protection protects it against atmospheric conditions and occasional immersion. Using it for other purposes may result in the warranty being forfeited.

Style and beauty. Thanks to this model, you can easily get out of the crowd. You have something nicer than an ordinary rubber band. Make yourself a gift and treat yourself to a beautiful metal watch, with an amazingly beautiful bracelet, decorated with unique zircons, which beautifully reflects the light and beautifully completes the unusual silver and gold frame.

The kit includes:

  • smart bracelet
  • charging cable
  • bracelet shortening device
  • manual user manual
  • An elegant gift box.


ATTENTION   - charging with 5V and 1A chargers is recommended. Such laptops or offices have USB charging parameters. Charging with 2A fast chargers is not recommended. It can lead to faster battery wear or even damage !! !

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Smartwatch ceas pentru femei H8, pulsometer tensiune arteriala argint
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